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You Can’t Buy the Life You Dream Of

I remember years ago watching a documentary on the last months of a terminally ill Warren Zevon. I knew his music and liked it well enough, but wouldn’t have considered myself a fan. Having recently lost my own mother to a slow, painful death by cancer (and equally toxic cures) it was essentially an early ‘reality TV’ show letting you see the life of a man facing his own mortality. Aside from a powerful reminder that we are all fortunate to have been given this one and only life, he shared a quote that struck him, and me as well … “We love to buy books because we believe we are buying the time to read them.” This comment struck me in several ways. Let’s Look at What’s Important First, as a terminally ill man, his most valued resource must have been time – the months and days he had remaining. In fact, that should be true for all of us. How is it we so easily take our time for granted? That is what life is… the time we get to be here and to experience this amazing world, these amazing people and do these amazing things. What is more valuable than that? Sure, we sell some time for money, but really only to make our time and experiences better in ways that we each get to define. The second thing that struck me about this observation, was how accurate it was in my own experience. I have probably read a fraction of the books I’ve purchased over the years. I like to read, but finding (or more accurately making) the time in an otherwise pretty full life isn’t easy. In fact, I believe this insight can be extrapolated to a good many things we purchase, in search of […]

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